Myofascial Pain and/or Fibromyalgia

Myofascial pain is a persistent pain problem in which pain develops in various parts of your body and can be triggered by pressure. It is often associated with tight tender bands in the muscles sometimes referred to as "trigger points." When pressure is applied to these sore spots, they can sometimes refer pain to other parts of your body.

We are not sure exactly what the cause of myofascial pain is, but it may occur due to overuse of particular muscle or after a car accident/injury and can also be exacerbated by stress.

Everyone experiences sore muscles from time to time, but the difference with myofascial pain/fibromyalgia is that the pain often persists, worsens, or spreads rather than quickly subsiding. Physiotherapy treatment can include a variety of manual therapies, exercise interventions, IMS needling interventions, stress management/relaxation techniques, ergonomic advice and self-care advice. Sometimes this condition requires a multiple discipline approach - medication or trigger point injections performed by a pain management doctor may be helpful.

Sometimes myofascial pain becomes more widespread and may then be referred to as Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia may in part result from increased sensitivity in the nervous system in response to the ongoing pain signals.