Peri/Postpartum Management

So, you are expecting, or you are a new Mom! Congratulations on entering the next (very busy) phase of your life!

Our therapists have taken extensive training in the management of women in the childbearing years. Whether you have a Diastasis Rectus Abdominus, lumbopelvic, hip, spinal or neck pain we have the education and the training to help. Our team has also taken advanced training in rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and conditions like prolapse and incontinence. Often women have both problems with spinal control and pelvic floor disorders, so we offer comprehensive assessment and treatment and individualized advice to help you to function your best and enjoy your life - and your new baby!

Our therapists also use ultrasound to treat plugged ducts provided acute mastitis (red, hot, infected) has been ruled out by your doctor.