Persistent Pain Management & Education

Over the years, Cara Humphreys has developed a large toolbox for managing persistent pain. Persistent pain refers to any symptoms that continue for more than 3 months post injury. As you can imagine, many of our clients fall into this category!

In the past, the term "chronic pain" carried a bit of baggage. Now it is well understood that multiple factors play into the development and maintenance of chronic pain.

One of the most interesting is the concept of central sensitization which refers to heightened sensitivity in the brain as a result of painful structures. It is almost as though your brain remembers that you have been hurt and strives to protect you from hurting yourself again by creating pain.

It is very important to note that this does not mean that this pain is driven by a conscious process. It is most definitely real, and is not "in your head." Our bodies are amazing at protecting us from danger and pain is a very effective way to stop you from doing activities that could be dangerous.

Cara helps you to manage and lessen your pain with a combination of treatment techniques including relaxation techniques, manual therapy, dry needling, education, body mapping, restorative yoga and qi gong interventions and a good dose of humour!

To learn more about pain processing consider watching this Ted Talk by our pain guru/hero, Lorimer Mosely: