Many people wonder whether or not neck treatment can help them with their headaches. The answer is - maybe. Often, headaches and neck pain go together, but it can be hard for you to tell which is the "cause" and which is the" victim." Common headaches include tension type, cluster and migraine.

Of the headache types, tension type is the most common. They can be triggered by a variety of causes, including problems related to the neck and jaw. Weakness of your deep neck muscles, joint dysfunction, and tight muscles can all lead to headache. Sometimes the temporomandibular joint (where the jaw attaches to the skull) or the scapulothoracic joint (where the shoulder blade connects with the body) is also be a factor. Neck pain may also be a trigger for migraines.

If you have headaches and think your neck could be involved, we can assess you to see whether or not there are any underlying factors that could be related by assessing the joints and muscles noted above. After assessment your therapist will discuss her findings and a treatment plan if there appears to be neck, jaw or shoulder issues that could be contributing to your pain.